Comparison of American and Canadian Football Betting

By: Joanas Taylors, Staff Writer
April 27, 2022

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Levi's Stadium, Home of the San Francisco 49ers

The classic American or Canadian football. What can be better? Actually, there can be something extra that adds adrenaline and some spice to the game.

There are millions of football fans who do not only enjoy the game itself but the aspect that comes from betting on games. There is simply something very unique and thrilling once you get that first bet and actually win it back or even double it.

Nevertheless, to play responsibly, you must know the differences in the rules of American as well as Canadian football betting, or the sports in general. Even though it is true that both countries have legalized sports betting, at least in some regions, there are still several differences between them. Read on to learn more about American and Canadian football betting right here!

Is Betting Legal in the US and Canada?

Before we go anywhere else, let’s address the most important question. Are sports betting legal in the United States and Canada? Both countries do have different laws when it comes to betting. Some states do not allow slot machines, while others are yet to legalize sports betting in general. We will get to this later, but Canada only recently allowed betting on sports such as football.

To answer your question in simple words: yes, sports betting is legal in both Canada and the United States. Nevertheless, considering the complications and differences in laws between states, this answer can get a bit less straightforward than that. So let’s get to it!

Sports Betting in the USA

Perhaps we can start with the United States. Considering that this country does have 50 states and each of them has a different perception of sports betting, there is no universal answer whether gambling is legal when it comes to football.

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With that being said, there are several states that actually allow people to gamble. Along with those stayed so we can name some of the most obvious ones and these are Nevada and Florida. After all, Las Vegas and Miami are known to be capitals of casinos and gambling in general. We have a small list of other states that allow people to gamble on sports. You can find them below!

List of some legal states:

  1. Nevada
  2. Florida
  3. Colorado
  4. New Jersey
  5. New York

Nevertheless, there are many states that still don’t allow betting, including on football.

List of some illegal states:

  1. Alaska
  2. Alabama
  3. California (might become legal though)
  4. Hawaii
  5. Kentucky

Overall, before you start betting in US states, consider whether your state actually allows that.

Sports Betting in Canada

When it comes to sports betting in Canada, the country has stricter laws than the United States. They only recently allowed people to bet on such sports as football. By recently we mean that before 2021, it was not allowed.

Finally, on November 26, 2020, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada proposed a bill that offered to decriminalize single event sports betting. After 2021, Canadians were happy to announce that they could finally stop going to the US in order to gamble on football.

Funny enough, one of the main reasons why the country has decided to change the law was the United States. A lot of Canadian people were actually going to the United States to have more fun. Therefore, the Canadian government evaluated their options and said that they are not willing to give up such a profit for the United States.

Final Thoughts on Betting in USA and Canada

Wrapping things up, yes, you as a player or a fan can actually bet on sports. Canada and the United States are finally getting the same allowances as polish betters or practically anyone from Europe get. Even though it’s gonna take some time until the United States legalize sports betting in other states, they are getting quite close to it. Besides, betters who live in Canada are already actively betting on football.