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Versus Sports Simulator has been helping sports bettors make informed decisions since 2013. Receive math-based predictions for every game. Customize your game predictions. Streamline your betting research. Make smarter bets.

How Versus Helps You Find Your Edge

Analyze Daily Predictions

Start with the Versus predictions and customize them based on what you know.

Compare Margins

Compare Versus predicted margins with the sportsbook point spreads.

Place Your Bets

Place your bets on the teams that Versus says are undervalued.

What You Get

Score Predictions

Unlock daily computer-generated score predictions for every single game!

Game Simulations

Simulate matchups between hundreds of college and pro teams!

Custom Simulations

Adjust offensive and defensive ratings to customize your simulations!

Team Rankings

Sort teams by performance, power, offense, defense, and more!

Team Report Cards

View team ratings, rankings, records, superlatives, and more!

Conference Rankings

Rankings for conferences and divisions in college and pro sports!

Customer Reviews

Here's what our premium subscribers have to say about Versus Sports Simulator:

"Been using Versus to bet games for 5 years. Still the best prediction app/site available. I use it daily."

Warren M

Casual Gambler

"Versus generates very accurate ncaaf results - outperforming sagarin, accuscore, and many other free and pay sites. Upgrade is great value for the money. Cannot recommend this app highly enough!"

Bob U

Casual Gambler

"Love this simulator. Ive used AccuScore, predictionmachine, oddshark, and sportline sims, and VS is the best."

Juan D


Choose the Right Plan for You

All of our plans give you unlimited access to all the sports we offer. If you already love the Versus Sports Simulator, consider one of our multi-month plans to save!

Monthly Plan
1-Month Plan
  • Total Cost $39.99
  • Daily Predictions for All Sports
  • Unlimited Game Simulations
Season Plan
6-Month Plan
  • Total Cost $209.99
  • Daily Predictions for All Sports
  • Unlimited Game Simulations
Best Value
Annual Plan
12-Month Plan
  • Total Cost $359.99
  • Daily Predictions for All Sports
  • Unlimited Game Simulations
Daily Plan
1-Day Plan
  • Total Cost $7.99
  • Daily Predictions for All Sports
  • Unlimited Game Simulations


Sorry, we are not offering a free trial at this time.
Team ratings, rankings, and predictions are updated daily for all sports during the regular and post season. Game predictions for every scheduled game are offered via non-renewing subscription.
The Versus Sports Simulator algorithm factors in game scores, margin of victory, home field advantage, strength of schedule, and game recency. It does not consider injuries, weather, or other external factors.
Many of our premium customers are handicappers or casual gamblers who find the Versus game predictions to be useful. However, we do not recommend using the raw predictions for wagering. They do not take into account player injuries, coaching changes, weather, or other external factors. The Simulator feature allows you to customize your game predictions based on factors you may know about. For example, if you know that a team's starting quarterback is injured, you can adjust that team's offensive rating to account for the injury. We compute the base prediction and then put the tools into your hands to adjust it based on factors the computer algorithm wouldn't know about.

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With a premium subscription, the Versus Sports Simulator mobile app gives you everything you need to make informed decisions:

  • Final score predictions for every single game
  • Unlimited game simulations
  • Unique side-by-side analysis of any matchup

* Unlimited access to features requires premium service plan

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