NCAA College Football’s Biggest Rivalry Games

By: Roger Wright, Guest Contributor
August 18, 2022

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College football is exciting. To some, it is an opportunity to watch upcoming football stars in the making; to others, it is an opportunity to watch and enjoy the games and do some college football betting. However, one of the best aspects of college football is its numerous rivalries that always feature some explosive encounters between teams and rabid fans in packed stadiums with an atmosphere filled with hot tempers.

These rivalries matter in college football because they are mainly used for bragging rights among the teams and their fans. They are often built on history, tradition, and geographical location. College football rivalries can also stem from the current success of teams, coaches involved, or realignment in leagues.

Undoubtedly, college football has undergone many changes in the past few years, and some of the rivalry games are not like they used to be. However, we can still reminisce on some good old rivalry games. This article looks at some of the biggest rivalry games we have ever seen in college football.

The Iron Bowl

The Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn is one of the biggest rivalry games in college football history. This game has everything a rivalry match should have: intensity – that divides household members and classmates across Alabama, a deep-rooted history, and national relevance.

The fans of both teams always obsess about victory. A loss to them can mean a full year of misery from friends, co-workers, and even family members. Yes, there's no haven for them once their team loses. As an added measure, the Iron Bowl was also known to produce some jaw-breaking moments.

The best version of the Iron Bowl happened in 2013 with the "Kick Six", the most improbable play in college football history that sent the Tigers to the SEC Championship Game. That moment was so miraculous that it left many members of the audience in disbelief, and it is still spoken about to date.

Army vs. Navy

The U.S. military is typically known as a united body. However, this unity does not extend to the United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy, especially when they meet on the football field.

Before this game became an annual tradition in 1930, the two oldest branches of both units had been battling it since the 1890s. This rivalry is probably the one where the records don't count. However, one thing is sure: in the end, respect abounds. Every edition of this rivalry displays powerful pageantry, emotion, and tradition. It is something beyond football. The current record stands at 62-53-7, with Navy taking the lead.

Michigan vs. Ohio State (The Game)

"The Game" between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University is another matchup full of history. It is another rivalry where the teams and their respective fans strongly dislike their rivals. These two Midwestern powerhouses have had this rivalry since 1897.

During each edition of "The Game," the hosting stadium will be filled, while still unable to hold all the audience. For over a century, the Wolverines and the Buckeyes meet around Thanksgiving weekend for "The Game." Last year, the Wolverines claimed victory bringing the current record to 59-51-6.

Oklahoma vs. Texas (Red River Showdown)

The rivalry between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas shows that football rivalries are fiercer in the Wild West. The atmosphere at the Cotton Bowl during the Red River Showdown is incredibly unique. It even gets better when both teams are in great form.

This rivalry dates back to the 1900s and has Texas leading 62-50-5. This game is held annually and has been uninterrupted since 1929. What makes this game special is that the winner does not only take all the glory - they also take a golden ten-gallon hat. The winning school will keep this trophy until the following year when they meet again to see who gets to keep it next.

Georgia vs. Florida

Bulldogs vs. Gators may sound like some animal fights, but in reality, it is one of the greatest football rivalries in the Southeast. It all goes down annually in Jacksonville, Florida, and features the University of Georgia and the University of Florida.

This annual fight started in the early 1900s and is known for its epic tailgating traditions, which has also earned it the humorous name "World Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party."

The current record for this annual matchup is conflicting. Florida claims Georgia leads the series at 53-44-2, while Georgia disagrees and claims to hold the record at 54-44-2.


College football matches are just what they are – thrilling! When it comes to rivalry matches, which the NCAA is known to have many, the thrill is many times bigger. These rivalry matches bring something different to the table. Call it passion, tradition, whatever! Rivalry matches are very much enjoyable.

Many of these matches are held annually, and sometimes, the teams can meet more than once in a lucky season. Regardless of the number of times these matches occur per season, one thing is clear: fans are always looking forward to them.